About Haulaway's Waste Management Service

Haulaway is an Australian owned and operated company that has serviced the commercial waste management sector since 1983. We are a family run business with three generations committed to providing our clients with excellence in waste management and customer service.

We supply the industry with Compactors, Bulk Bins, Front Lift and Rear Lift Bins. We also offer services in system auditing and reporting with the focus on reducing landfill waste by redirecting material away from landfills and towards recycling. Therefore reducing customer costs and achieving an environmental and economic outcome.

Haulaway is a CM3 Certified and fully Quality Assured Company. With significant presence in the Melbourne metropolitan area, we provide flexibility and have the capacity to cope with fluctuations in waste output, deadlines and additional client requirements.

We take pride in providing quality trucks and can customise systems and equipment to suit any specific requirements. Our drivers are highly trained and experienced, and our staff are committed to providing a high standard of service to ensure efficient and responsible waste and recycling management.

Haulaway operates out of Victoria and can provide services on a national basis. We would be pleased to discuss your waste management needs to develop a sustainable and effective outcome.