Aug 20, 2015

The New Financial Year

It’s that time of year again; winter is definitely upon us.  Mornings are colder, jackets have become a staple again, footy fever is back, and weekend snow trips are on the cards. This time also means the beginning of the new financial year. Pros: lodging our tax returns. Cons: the dreaded rate rises. These nuisances are unavoidable part of life, to which unfortunately Haulaway are not immune.            

What are the reasons behind this rate rise I hear you ask? Well, the rate rises are all driven by landfill prices. A combination of gate price, operation costs and government levies increase landfill prices, which impacts the waste industry.

If you’ve been hit with a rate rise recently and are unhappy or find it unreasonable, we encourage you to give Haulaway a call or get a quote on our website. We are committed to limiting the rate rises impact by redirecting rubbish material away from landfill and towards recycling. Therefore minimising the rate rise and reducing customer costs.  

For more information on landfill rates, the link below will take you to the EPA Victoria website:

Let Haulaway soften the blow of your rubbish bill’s rate rise for this financial year. Take your mind off finances and back to planning that snow trip.