Compactors for Recycling & Waste Disposal in Melbourne

Waste Disposal Melbourne
Compactors are a great way to condense large volumes of compactable waste/recycling materials. Compacted waste is preferable to uncompacted waste, as it requires less space, fewer bins, and it won't take up nearly as much room during transportation. When it comes to recycling and waste disposal in Melbourne, turning to compactors is a great way to save money and increase efficiency.

For waste disposal Melbourne wide, Haulaway has you covered. We can provide you with two different types of compaction units, with either auger or blade compaction in static two piece units for maximum volume, or sealed one piece units for wet materials.

Stationary Compactors for Waste Disposal and Recycling

Stationary compactors are two piece units that allow for larger volume per transport for dry compactable waste/recycling.

The benefits of using stationary compactors include:
  • Reduced transport costs of waste and recycling off your site
  • Lower carbon footprint in relation to transport
  • Reduced amount of manual labour required to deal with waste/recycling
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Durable, robust and built to last
  • Can handle specific waste types

Transportable Compactors for Waste Disposal and Recycling

A transportable compactor is an all in one piece machine that is ideal for wet material where liquid could be an issue. We can offer these brand new or second hand depending on the application and demand on the unit. They can also be customised to suit site requirements.

The benefits of using transportable compactors include:
  • Ideal for both general and wet waste and recycling
  • Can handle specific waste/recycling types
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Can be easily removed from your site for emptying
  • Can be chute, bin lifter or hand loaded
  • Durable, robust and built to last

Compactors offer clients reduced transport by minimising air space in the unit between services. They can be supplied with hand loading in mind or with bin lifters to suit wheelie bins from 120L through to 1100L. For more information about our services in recycling and waste disposal Melbourne wide, contact the helpful team at Haulaway today on 1300 660 838.