Waste Recycling In Melbourne

When it comes to waste recycling in Melbourne, Haulaway has you covered. We can pick up waste from across Melbourne and separate it into four different categories:

  • Commingled
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Organics
  • General waste

Sorting waste in this manner allows it to be recycled, ensuring the materials will be used again instead of being taken to a landfill.

What Items Can Be Placed Into Recycling Bins?

Many workplaces produce waste every day – a lot of which can be recycled, from cardboard boxes through to milk cartons. By recycling these items, you can do your part to help the environment. Haulaway is proud to be able to play a part in this important process too. When you hire us to perform a waste management audit of your business, we can help you implement a full recycling and sustainability system to manage your company's waste.

Common items that can be sorted into recycling bins in Melbourne include:

  • Glass bottles
  • Foil containers
  • Egg cartons
  • Plastic bottles with appropriate recycling codes
  • Plastic containers with appropriate recycling codes
  • Paper products
  • Cardboard boxes

Contact Haulaway for Recycling Bins Melbourne Wide

Haulaway can provide recycling bins Melbourne wide that accept all types of waste suitable for recycling. For waste recycling Melbourne wide, call us on 1300 660 838 or click here to send us a message using our online enquiry form.