Our History

Peter Hilbert established Haulaway in 1983.

However his involvement and experience within the waste management industry began many years prior.
In the mid 1930’s Jim Hilbert, Peter’s father purchased a local company called M. Walsh & Son’s. Located in Park Street South Melbourne, services were provided to Melbourne’s CBD with the purchase of their first motorised Oldsmobile truck.
Years later in 1963, Jim and Peter Hilbert formed Industrial Waste Collection Vic Propriety Limited. IWCV purchase their first Dempster Dumpster vehicle, which pioneered the containerised system into Melbourne at that time. IWCV then purchased a Dodge truck, however they had difficulty avoiding overloading the front axils. As a result, Jim approached Leyland Motors and asked them to fit twin steers to the vehicles; they were reluctant at first but finally agreed. Now days twin steers are a very common vehicle particularly in the waste industry.
Jim Hilbert insisted on building and providing his own bins which varied from one to six cubic metres. Dempster Dumpsters advised IWCV that they had a patent on the bins, and if they were to continue building bins, they would refuse to supply front lift trucks. Subsequently, Jim and Peter Hilbert designed and built two of their own front lift trucks, refusing to be tied down by an American company.
Brambles purchased Industrial Waste Collection Vic in 1970, and Peter accepted a non-competitive agreement.
Australia entered a recession period in the early 1980’s, and it was apparent to Peter that “there are three things in life that you cannot avoid; death, taxes, and rubbish”. With this in mind Peter decided to re-enter the waste industry in 1983 establishing his own company, Hallaway Services Pty Ltd.
Peter purchased his first vehicle, a bulk hook truck and drove it for two years personally servicing clients. Peter was supported by his wife Judy, who managed the office out of their home. By November 1983, Peter hired two employees to help build the business.

Since then, Haulaway has continued to develop and expand, and currently operates out of its premises in Dandenong South. Today, Haulaway is still a wholly owned family company.

Peter left school at 17 years and has dedicated 60 years of continuous work and commitment to his line of business. At the age of 78, Peter decided to retire from the day to day operations of the company, though still remains heavily involved in Haulaway.
Peter’s son, Richard Hilbert began working at Haulaway in 1991 and took over as Managing Director in 2011. Haulaway also became a third-generation family company in 2011 with some of Peter’s grandchildren commencing work in the company.