Heavy Industrial

Haulaway Heavy Haulage

Whilst Haulaway’s core business is the collection and management of materials, we also offer large scale transport solutions. These range of services help Haulaway offer a holistic and completely managed service for our client’s transport needs for large projects.

Haulaway’s heavy haulage services include:


A total waste management solution of relocating bulk amounts of materials in a simple yet effective way.

Walking Floor

Hydraulically operated walking floor system to load and unload a variety of materials in a safe and efficient manner.


Set to transport a large array of materials with a specific focus on heavy inert waste materials.


This service allows transportation of sensitive materials from general freight through to dangerous goods.

Transfer Station – Recycling Centres

Haulaway has established a subsidiary business in recycling and resource separation named Australian Waste Recovery (AWR). This enables Haulaway to maintain control of the material from collection through to final re-purpose.
The site handles a range of materials including mixed waste, wet waste, green waste, concrete, soil, mixed rubble, organics and other non-hazardous waste.
We use cutting edge technology and equipment to separate and process the commodities in order to add value back into the commodity for final resale.
As a part of AWR’s social inclusion and community support, we engage with members who have struggled to find work, and offer them employment opportunities. This includes those who are socially disadvantaged or live with a physical or mental disability.