Residential and Home DIYs

Haulaway services the residential market with affordable and easy waste management and rubbish collection for trades and DIYers.

We provide temporary bins and skips for all residential needs including renovations, domestic builds and demolitions, landscaping and spring cleaners.
We’ve been providing rubbish removal Melbourne wide since 1983 and have 37 years of experience and expertise. We offer a wide range of skip bins to collect all types of rubbish that are regularly requested by residents.

General Household Waste

Includes timber, plastic, plaster, furniture and carpet.


Concrete rubble only.


Bricks only.

Green Waste

Gardening waste only.

Mixed Rubble

Includes concrete, bricks, tiles and soil.

Heavy Mixed

Includes concrete, bricks, rubble, green waste, timber and soil.

Mini Skips

Our mini skips are best suited to clients who have a small compact area that wouldn’t fit a conventional bulk bin and generate low to medium amounts of waste. Mini skips can be placed in convenient locations and serviced for pick-up and disposal as often as required.


L 2500mm | W 1600mm | H 900mm


L 2500 | W 1600mm | H 1200mm

Bulk Bins

These large bins are suited to commercial and industrial clients who produce larger volumes of heavy materials that is non-compactible. Disposal of waste is made easy with open tops and walk-in doors. We also offer additional accessories including bin lifters, sealed doors, tippler bins and hydraulic lids.
Please note, we cannot accept the following waste materials in our Skip Bins: Chemicals, paint, tyres, asbestos, gas tanks, liquid and oils
We offer alternatives to responsibly handle these waste materials. Bricks, soil and concrete are not accepted in bulk bins above 9m3.


L 4.2m | W 2.4m | H 0.6m


L 4.6m | W 2.4m | H 1.0m


L 4.6m | W 2.4m | H 1.2m


L 4.6m | W 2.4m | H 1.5m

Residential Waste Services

For all your residential waste services and rubbish collection needs in Melbourne.