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Haulaway offers customers a wide range of environmentally friendly waste management solutions to suit all waste and rubbish removal needs.

We do this by implementing waste separation with clearly labelled bins to ensure proper recycling. Our customers dispose the different components of their waste into separate bins, allowing for these materials to be diverted away from landfill and towards recycling and environmental sustainability.

Waste and Recycling Streams

General Waste

A mixed stream of un-recyclable materials of every-day waste.

Paper and Cardboard

Suitable for everyday office paper, newspapers, tissue paper and carboard boxes which are 100% recyclable.

Comingle Recycling

Great solution for users who generate mixed recyclable waste including glass, paper, plastic and aluminium.


Organic food waste has an infinite life cycle following the process of usage, collection, composting, and fertilisation for re-use.

Green Waste

Trees, grass, leaves, plants and garden trimmings recycled and converted into compost and mulch.

Timber Recycling

Pallets, untreated pine, and wooden sleepers.


Concrete rubble and washout.

Construction Demolition

Bricks, soil, rock, asphalt, plaster, mixed rubble.


Reo, beams, general offcuts, steel and non-ferrous metals.

Secure Destruction

Destruction of secure documentation and other confidential material.

Hazardous Waste

Dangerous and contaminated waste including CAT A, CAT B, CAT C, asbestos and other hazardous goods.

Sanitary Bins

The disposal of feminine hygiene products.

Liquid Waste

The collection of liquid materials such as cooking oil, petroleum-based oils, grease traps, sewer pumps, and triple interceptors.

Medical Waste

Collection and safe destruction of sharps, and other medical outputs.

Battery Recycling

Bins and buckets used to collect and recycle discharged batteries.

Lamps and Globes

The supply and collection of lamp coffins and bins which are processed and recycled for future use.

What happens to the recycling streams after collection?

Your waste separation and recycling efforts are essential to the overall recycling process and contribution to environmental suitability. We take the responsible disposal of waste seriously and do our part in the collection and waste recycling in Melbourne.

Waste Seperation

Users place materials into correctly labelled bins to acheive proper recycling.


Our drivers inspect and collect each waste stream seperately for processing.

Recycling Facility

Streams are cleaned of any missed contamination and prepared for the final treatment facility.


The final value add process where materials are returned into products or produce.


The recycled products and materials are resold by wholesalers, such as manufacturers.

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